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Chip Bartley
Friday 9/8/06

Southern Sister Commotion

Today, Art (Dr. Air) and I decided to go for a mini xc from Southern Sister to the Conejo Grade and downrange as far as we could.  We arrived at S. Sis at about 1330 and made the hike to the top.  When we arrived it was pretty grown over and the wind was gusting to 20.  We sat and waited a while for the wind to become manageable.

When we decided to launch, we where able to work our way to 1500 and where enjoying soaring the ridge.  After a bit of time, we noticed several police cars at the bottom of the mountain.  They arrived with sirens blaring and blocked the incoming roads.  Soon after that, fire trucks, ambulances, rescue trucks and other assorted emergency response groups arrived and staged.  Within minutes I heard that familiar sound of the Ventura County SAR Chopper.

When all this started, we thought it may be about us flying in this area.  Once all the different agencies showed and the chopper quit circling us I figured we where just witnessing some kind of emergency call having nothing to do with us.  So we went on with the flight and successfully completed our flight plan.

Once on the ground, Ojai John called and asked if we where down here causing trouble?  Obviously, this made us curious as to what he was referring to.  He proceeded to tell us that there where breaking news stories that someone witnessed a plane go down at our location and people jumping out with paragliders (they actually got the paraglider part right).  Needless to say they where referring to us and someone over reacted and had a very vivid imagination... or where very board... or was a issed-off rancher trying to make a statement.  Anyhow, this made for a very odd Friday afternoon of flying in the Conejo mountain range.

Thought you all would get a kick out of this story. Have a great week-end.