Chris Grantham Flight Log Index
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Some flights copied from the SCPA discussion Forum

Description yr_mo-day
Fly Above All / Pine Glass off to NHS 13_09-14
Ojai Sunday 12_11-25
Ojai Saturday 12_11-24
Nuthouse to the T 12_02-04
Skyport to Carp 10_12-31
Pine SS to Ojai 06_06-29
First HG Lesson 06_06-21
Tater Hill Comp 06_05-07
Mt Tom, Massachusetts 06_03-?
Skyport to Ojai 06_02-22
Skyport to Beach 06_02-19
Nuthouse to Nordhoff 06_02-03
Skyport to Snowball 06_01-20
Skyport 06_01-09-10
Alternator x2 05_11-17
Nuthouse Quarter 05_02-08
Friday Madness 02_03-15