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Irene Revenko
Saturday, 2/18/06
Skyport to the Beach

Of course we all know that Ron is not a bad pilot!  It was just a yoyo day, some went to St Maries, some not.
I went tandem with Bo today.  We launched at about noon, and went straight up, but when I decided to cross toward the thermal factory, we hit major lift as well.  Really major, we passed the power lines fine, but after that it was a scary dive into the canyon.  Behind the round house, in the rotor, I told Bo I thought we were doomed.  I have landed a tandem at St Maries already, but never in a tree yet!  But we cleared the ridge.  Luckily, as soon as we passed the ridge, we found some moderate thermal.  I decided to go to Parma, feeling already lucky.  But when we arrived above Parma, we found a nice smooth adorable thermal that gently lifted up back to cloud base.  And we got enough altitude to fly to the beach, with plenty of altitude.  What a day!

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