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Irene Revenko

Saturday, 10/9/06
SB to Beach

Saturday morning was actually great for flying and I landed at the beach after a really fun flight, playing with a lot of puffy, but not so organized little clouds.  They were localized in the front of the range.  There was some kind of convergence when a few of us (Hansford, Paul, Bo, Jim and myself) launched, at around 11:30.  There was some north wind above us, and a lower layer of wind from west or south west.  The air was active, but not bad.  There were some really strong thermals.  There was also an inversion, and we could not get above 2600 feet or so, but there was lift pretty much everywhere.  Over the day, it looked like the convergence was drifting east.

It was surprising to hear that Paul (Zoom, not race) had to throw his reserve.  But the air was indeed active, and it looks like it was trashy over the HH.  I think Paul had a great reflex in throwing his reserve, and I am glad he is fine.  I was at the training hill on Sunday, talked to him a little bit, and he seems at peace with the whole situation!