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John Lyon (aka JAH)
Sunday, 4/16/06
Eliminator to Summerland

So there I was Sunday morning waving goodbye to the visiting family.  Two days of visiting, eating and drinking had left me in need of a good brain flush.  So I loaded the pink bird of prey and headed up.  Many of the usual suspect were already there, DD, Hammer, Ramey, MMMMunger, Phoenix, Tammy, James, Little John, Terry and the ever present Jim Wickstrom, "where's that booook?

Anyway, the flight; launched with cloudbase about 100 over and flew out front where we got up to 3400 in the wispies.  Hammer had launched and was heading down range with chase.  I had been wanting to challenge Tony's SS records and try for highway 5 or at least Santa Clause beach so I headed East calling for Jim W to follow.  Unfortunately his radio was temporarily out of order and he wasn't responding.  I don't know if it was really bad sink or just the way those gliders fly but I was sinking at 400 a minute or greater for most of my glide over Montecito.  No cause for concern though with all those hundred yard front lawns, "pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

So I made it to Summerland and the wind was slightly on shore.  I used my last remaining stash of altitude to go to to the cliff at the East end of the beach where I found soarable conditions.  I decided to remain airborne until chase arrived.  This would allow me to be safe from dangers on the ground and also to stay lying down while I waited.  When chase was near I made a play for the Summerland waste facility/recycle drop and headed back west, into the wind.  Made it about half way there flying just in front of the railroad tracks.  Eventually I sank out and landed on the RR service track for an easy walk up to the pickup spot.

Hammer landed at La Conchita and Terry Taggart at Bates.  Lots of fun!