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Scott Angel

Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday 9/3 & Monday 9/4/06

SB was crackin this last weekend.

Only my dad and JR was here for Sunday, Skippy and Lee joined us Monday.  Everyone else out of town getting long distance else where I guess or just busy.  We all launched Eliminator both days.  It was 76 degrees at Parma and 96 at launch but it was blowing in and shaking the bushes below.  Sunday was the best I climbed out at Launch and glided over to R&R about rock level, climbed too 4 grand plus quickly.  Then glided to EJ bowl arriving above the ridge I decided to keep on to La Cumbra Peak and Climbed over 5200 ft.  Then to VOR only loosing 1,000 ft.  I was able to get back up to 4,800 ft. I was disappointed I was wearing only shorts and sandals with half capacity of water.  There was a nice convergence cloud in the back range.  I would love to hook up with Little Pine Ė Big Pine then get on course for the dessert or just fly back too town.  Anyways I finished our normal lap VOR - Romero then to the beach.  The glides were great, lots of lift, not much need to thermal.  Monday was good slightly slower climb rate and lower altitude.

Congratulations to Dean on a Job well done.
I canít wait to fly again.