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Scott Angel

Sunday, 9/10/06

Sunday was fun,
We got to eliminator launch around twelve o'clock.
Cycles were weak, inversion was 500 over.  Para pilots came down from the peak to report east winds.
I launched first and was able to maintain at launch.  I flew towards R&R but had to get up at the tit.  After some time I was able to transition back to the R&R I could get 3300 max then I headed toward EJ bowl too low.  I tried to work the spins below without luck so cruised over to Cathedral center spin low.  I was able to get 2800 or so before leaving for west (stuck) bowl.  There I worked everywhere I could wanting to push for VOR but my wife was on her way to the beach to get my Dad and Becker so I decided to head back toward the Holy Hills where I flew out to the beach with 2600.

It was interesting not one Para glider pilot would launch.  Not one hang glider would follow me but I think I saw EJís shadow on glide west of Cathedral.