West Coast Challenge
Long Flights On Short Days

updated 11/8/04

The challenge is to have long flights on short days.  Days are worth less as they get longer.  A flight score is determined by multiplying the flight miles by a handicap factor which is based on the length of the day.

Click on the [calculator link] to download an Excel Spread Sheet for our 2004 challenge.  Just plug in the date and miles and the score will be calculated.  You must enter a valid 2004 date.

You can save or open the spreadsheet file.  You will need a program that is compatible wilth Microsoft Excel.  Some people report unusual server messages when downloading.  I'm not sure what is causing them, but they still seem to be able download.  If you can't access the file, let me know and I'll email it to you.

Graph of the handicap validity factor to the date