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West Coast Challenge
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Original posting 11/3/04
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Updated 11/6/04

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Our South Coast Flying is some of the best to be had on short days.  To demonstrate, we offer a challenge to all unpowered foot launched aircraft on the West Coast.  The winner will be determined by the formula:

miles times x


  1. a 50 mile flight on Jan 1st
  2. a 100 mile flight on May 1st
  3. 50 mile flight on Dec 21st
  4. a 50 mile flight on Feb 15th
  5. a 75 mile flight on April 1st

Auto Calculator Pending

Formula Adjustment Notes:  We may need to increase the exponent in future years if late spring and early fall flight scores are better than those in the middle of the year.  We can also tune the offset if deemed necessary.  We'll see what happens for 2004 and likely run again in 2005.