LFSD West Coast Challenge
Long Flights On Short Days

Excel Calculator Updating Note
Updated on 12/5/2019

The formulas are date dependent.  Excel dates are a sequential number starting from a reference date of 1/1/1900.  The formulas will only work with within a calendar specific year.  The year is set in one of the "hidden cell"

The calculator contains 4 worksheets

1 & 2 / Worksheets "LFSD' and "Scratch Pad" are the same.  Some of the cells containing calculations are hidden.  If you need to copy the formulas down for more rows, then you will need to first unhide the hidden cells so they can be copied down also.

3 / Worksheet "Graph" is almost the same as the LFSD and Scratch Pad worksheets, but includes a graph.  The graph references data, so the data dates (column B) need to be adjusted to match the year set in one of the hidden cells.  The data set spans a whole year and can be used to see incremental changes in the resultant Z Factor.

4 / Worksheet Standings is similar to the others but has an added column to ID the Pilot of a specific flight

Note: Miles flown can optionally be entered with up to but not more than 1 decimal place.  The Z factor will be calculated to multiple decimal places, but no decimal places will be displayed.

Current Standings will change the excel file, so for version control, the file on the website will be indexed with suffix (a,b,c etc.).

Rev Description
d 2020_02-17 no add columns for pilot name and flight description
c 2020_02-05 no remove "standings" worksheet because it wasn't working
and update standings
b 2019_12-05 no validate miles flown to limit entry to no more than 1 decimal place
a 2019_12-04 no minor formatting adjustments to 2006 file with 12/31/2004 expression

Excel Version Note:  The current version of the 2020 Excel file is an [xlsx file that was saved with Excel Version 2016], however, the initial [superseded 2004 calculator] were saved with Excel 2002.  The current 2020 file is also available in a [xls 2002 version] if you need something older than 2016.  We updated from xls to xlsx becasue the Z-Factor Graph horizontal axis from the older version was not displaying correctly in the newer version, so the graph was re-constructed and saved with the 2016 version.