Saturday, 5/4/02 Weather Archive

It was Plow Share Season, but Pine was looked good also.  With a little SE at altitude, it was more of a good recreational day than a big distance day.  Pilots went to Pine on Friday, and reported some wind from the north along with CU development over launch with low bases.  Saturday was calling for light and variable, with some SE at 9K.

Bases were 10 to 12.  Pilots were getting to 10 easily over the Pine ridge, but most of the development was just over the back   The pilots that went to Lockwood had to deal with some headwind.  Pine was mostly light base wind with healthy cycles (0 to 15) coming through at launch.  "In the box", you could move in all directions.  Outside the box, you would encounter increasing headwind in all directions.

It still looked soarable when I got home at 6:40.

Radio chatter from Plow Share indicated 7 to 8K, with good lift over the valley.  It looked like there were some clouds forming over that way later in the day.  The convergence reportedly came through about 12:30, but didn't push very far up river.  At least one HG pilot made it to Foothill Rd.

Pine, 13 pilots, 3 vehicles to launch with 4 crew