Weather Archive for Sunday, 6/22/03
The Second Day of Summer

Persistent deep marine layer with an inversion on top and poor lapse rate above.  The lapse rate in the marine layer is ok, which is better than the norm for this time of year.  With the deep marine layer, there were opportunities under the inversion.

The SB range was clear at dawn, but with a good lapse rate and high relative humidity, it ODed quickly.  It went through a few pulses from dark and low to lighter and higher.  The airport was reporting a ceiling above 3K, but the mountains were mostly in the mid to upper 2s.  Early on the base was down to about 17 at the Round House, but lifted later in the day.

The coast saw varied sun and a little sea breeze.  Some pilots flew from More Mesa to Wilcox, but it got weak after 3 pm.

There was a little convergence working behind the Riveria, and the edge of the sun worked ok occasionally.