Tuesday, 11/2/04
Skyport to Parma
Tandem with Don Ziehl

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Writing this in March, so my recollection is faded.  Better late than never?

Don is Lynn Gates Dad.  We know the Gates from Sam's preschool and have built a good friendship.  Lynn purchased a tandem gift certificate from a local flight school for her Dad's birthday the previous year, but never used it.  Don's birthday was up again so Lynn inquired about me doing a tandem flight with him.  His actual birthday was a few days prior to the actual flight.  Don is 70 something going on 22.

Don is pretty sharp and made for a good flight companion.  The day was a bit weak, but we got up at launch and went to the R&R for the scenic tour.  Reached the upper 3s and maybe had a shot at the beach, but it was still early in the flight.  After the initial altitude over launch, we fizzled down and flushed into Parma.

This was my last flight for 2004