Monday, Labor Day, 9/5/05
Skyport to the VOR spine ~ 5 miles
to the beach at Ortega Hill ~ 11 miles
total distance around 1 turnpoint ~ 16 miles
~ 2 hours airtime

Another low turnout day.  The web server was down so our networking was hampered.  No crew, no trucks.  Ojai looked pretty good on paper so I originally opted to hike the Nut House, but Sharon persuaded me to be social so I changed direction and headed for SB.  The 11:30 meet shifted to 11:15 so we were 15 minutes late.  Loaded Frank, then switched to Slow & Easy's vehicle for the ride up as James was taking a sleder to Parma.  I was pessimistic, but Carl reported pilots did ok the day before.  Benson, Ron Faoro, and Bob Hurlbett launched before we got to take off.  They all got up and transitioned uphill to about 4K.

On launch at the Skyport about Noon, and airborne about a quarter past.  Got a couple hundred over launch and 4K at the R&R.  Pilots were launching from The Alternator and doing well.  Bo went to Montecito Peak, and others were marking good thermals at Cathedral and West Bowl.  Pushed uphill toward The Peak.  EJ Bowl was good for a couple of turns and a hundred feet.  Got up at the tit in the saddle behind Cathedral, then stepped back to the Peak.  Couldn't get more than a little over the top.

Dolphined over to the saddle behind West Bowl (in front of The Alternator) and got back to 4K again.  High 3s above No Name and went west for the VOR spine.  Came in ok, but wasn't able to climb up.  Spent 10 minutes trying.  There was a little flow from the west and it didn't seem to be working as good as the stuff back east.  Looked down the spine and finally fell off back to No Name.  Picked up a few hundred and got to West Bowl a little over 2K.

Not working very good down lower.  Struggled for 15 minutes to bench up to better action on top of West Bowl.  Cathedral and the R&R both went to 4K, but the day seemed to be getting weaker.  The Factory was only good into the high 3s.  Bo had had gotten 800 over at Montecito Peak earlier, but the best I could do was break even.  Flushed off the east spine and pulled a glide to toward the beach.  No beach in front of Ortega Hill and not quite enough altitude to reach around the corner to the sand on the east side, so I turned back to land on the beach across from Sheffield drive about a quarter past 2.

Packed up on the sand.  Hiked up the railroad tracks and walked west to the creek to get under the 101.  Sharon had landed at Parma and picked me up.


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