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Friday, 5/28/10
SD / Skyport Flush to Parma / 11:50 launch
Diablo / Eliminator to Ballard / 12:15 launch
Trango PG and Atos HG

Sundowner's Flight Report, see also [Weather Archive]

Chasing another post frontal / building high pressure day.  The lapse rate looked ok, so I gave Diablo a call.  No chase, but he was game and picked me up at my house about 10:30.  No takers at Parma, so up to launch.  Both the Rock & The Bypass were cycling in.  The Skyport was zero to twelve.

A good Samaritan had knocked down the mustard, so the airflow was clean, making for an easy pull-up about 11:50, however, the weed whacker debris had not been raked off, so a few twigs in the lines on pull-up was unavoidable.  Probably could have climbed out at launch, but was a bit leery of the air, so opted to move out front.  Passed up a couple of opportunities to get up, and didn't pull a particularly good glide.  Gained a hundred or 2 over by the Bypass, but the drift was significant from the west and didn't want to get behind anything down low.  Got to the Round House spine below the Round House and looked down the spine.  Got a couple hundred over, and likely could have climbed out directly over the Round House, but tried to stay out front and all the cores had a lot of drift from the west.  Had a few more chances on the way to Parma, but didn't like the drift.

Couldn't hold the spine on the glide down Monastery Ridge due to some wind from the west and had to fall off into the canyon.  Couldn't reach Upper Parma, so had to set down at lower.

Diablo took off about a quarter past noon and got up at launch, then 45 at the Factory.  Sink over Montecito Peak, but a little something at Ramero.  Squiggly rebound out front at the Castle Points.  His upper drift was from the NW.  He eventually opted to take the glide to the Hot Dog stand at Ballard, landing into a light SE eddy inside of caps further offshore.

I stashed my gear at Parma and walked up to the stop sign.  A biker came down hill on a 200cc dirt bike and stopped to check on me.  He had helped Diablo get off launch and offered a ride up, but we had to ride into town first to get some gas.  His bike only has a 1 galloon tank.  Conversation on the back of Matt's bike was limited due to the noise at high power required to get both of us back up hill, but Matt is a senior at UCSB, majoring in geography.  He works as a river rafting guide in the summer.