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Thursday, 12/23/10
Skyport Sleder to Santa Barbara Junior High
~ 13 minutes airtime

Sundowner's Flight Report, see also [Weather Archive]

Dragged the whole family up the hill, expecting some afternoon clearing.  The sun line was over the Riviera as we passed by Parma about 12:30.   A couple HGs setting up at the Bypass with a few more contemplating, plus the Eagle Van.  Cloudbase was a couple hundred below the Skyport.   Heard Tammy on the Radio reporting a crew waiting in the soup at the Alternator.  I opted for the Skyport, hoping to pull a glide out to the sun line.

Front pull up about 10 past 1 into a 2 mph cycle.  It had gotten thicker and darker.  Buoyant air in front.  Pulled a glide heading south in butter smooth air.  In the clear just west of the Monastery.  Cloudbase was down to the top of the front peaks, about 2Kish.

Light drift from the east.  Didn't look like I'd make it over the Riviera, but the glide got better approaching the old Sheffield Reservoir plateau.  Cleared the ridge with 50 to spare.  Buoyant on the south side.  Gained 50' in a single 360, but it the OD had extend out to sea with no sun getting through.  Dodged puddles at Santa Barbara Junior High (school was closed for the holidays).

Benson stopped by on his bike for a chat.  Played some Frisbee with Sam at the beach.

It was nice to be in the air with the post rain color and smooth air, but would have liked to stay up longer.