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Sunday 4/15/12 Flight Articles by  [Andy Dainsberg] [NMERider] [SkyOutGirl] and [SD]

Sunday, 4/15/12
Skyport Fishbowl
1st flight
Skyport to the Factory to Cathedral to Parkers, to the Tit, to RnR, to Top Land at Launch
about 1:50 minutes airtime / Launch ~ 11ish, Landing 12:50
2nd flight
Skyport to Parker and flush to Parma
~ 1/2 hour airtime / Launch 1:20, Landing 1:50

Sundowner's Flight Report, see also [Weather Archive]

Was hoping for better, but had fun with what we had.   John Scott (South Side) along with Dave Teal on HGs and Edward for crew provided home pickup service about 9:30.  On launch at 10:10.  It was convecting straight up at the Rock, the Bypass, and launch, but still blowing over the back about 10 MPH at ridge line.  There was a red tail hawk circling at launch when we got there but not really climbing out.  The turkey vultures finally showed up a about 10 till 11 and I was off at 11.

Got about 50 over, but couldn't climb out and left even.  Connected at the Factory and got back a couple hundred over launch, but the thermals weren't tracking up the spines.  The drift was light from the west and most of the thermals were coming off the east sides.  Tried uphill a couple of times but no luck.  Finally pulled a glide back to launch, getting there about a hundred below, worked up a hundred above and went to the RnR.  Climbed up to 36 and tested uphill, but no luck again.  The RnR seemed to be the highest altitude all day for most pilots.  The view OTB was pretty good with a heavy covering of snow across the back mountains.

Took my altitude and tried Cathedral, but flushed off.  Took a thermal from the low hill behind Glen's house back to 28 and got to the Tit a bit below, but it didn't work so I bobbed out the holly hills and all the way over to the Antenna Farm before I got back up.  Tried to bench up to the Factory a couple of times but came up short.  Almost connect on the 2nd try behind the power lines, but got blown off the point by the light west wind and wasn't willing to get pinched behind the power lines, so I took the back route to Parkers.

Wanted 31 at Parkers to reach for Montecito, but could only muster 29, so I worked back upwind to the Tit, benched up to the RnR, and top landed on the uphill road behind the Skyport at 12:50.   Nice day on launch with no one around.  Took a short nap in the sun on the rock before launching again at 1:20.  Could get 50 over, but couldn't climb and finally left from 50 below.

The Factory didn't work down low so I fished through the saddle behind the Antenna Farm and looked a little out front down the east spine but didn't get any bites.  Seemed to be getting weaker in the heart of the day.  Pilots had been reporting convergence over Parma, so I opted to fish out the Round House spine.  Finally found a core SW of the Round House and climbed back to 27.  Still hoping the day might get better despite evidence to the contrary, so I went to Parkers with adjusted expectations looking for 27 for a  reach for the low points below Montecito Peak, but could only get into the mid 2s.  Finally fizzled and ran back for Rock, but flushed off and limped into Parma too low to connect on the convergence.  Landing at 1:50.

Parma was switchy, back and forth from the east and west as the flow converged behind the Riviera.  Most of the pilots flew to the beach.

Picked up South Side at the Beach, then did lunch at Padaro Grill.  Pleasant low anxiety day, but disappointed to see the winter weather fade toward summer like conditions.