Wednesday, 5/22/02
Tandem with Tom Corn (wife's sister's husband)
Skyport to El Carro Park (Carpinteria / Home)

Weather Archive

Left work with Craig at 9:30.  The day looked promising, but I was concerned about the wind.  After checking The Rock, The Bypass, and the Brotherhood (all of which were cycling in and launchable) we decided to wait for the block and settled at the Liminator, which was blowing down.  It blocked in short order and we were off about 11:15.

Got up a few hundred and move over to the R&R.  Climbed to 4K.  It didn't seem to be working up high, and there was a little drift from the north if you pushed uphill.  Headded over to the Factory and got to 37.  A little drift from the north on the glides.  Nada over Shadow Peak,  but the glides were good and we got to the west spine of Montecito just a little low.

Got back to the high 2s on the west spine.  Tested uphill again, but it was sinky higher up the hill.  Moved over to the East spine looking for 32.  Got to 27 max.  Stuck for a half hour, mostly between 23 and 26.  Finally gave up and staged the best exit we could with 27 from out front.  Pulled another good glide, and came in mid spine across the canyon.  The west end of Ramero has a steeper spine, and the thermal tracked up to ridge line, but that was it.  Low intercept below the road cut.  Dribbled down and thought we might have to head for the golf course, but found something out front and tracked up the lee of the spine (east side in light west wind) to the road cut.  Left with 29

Another good glide across the canyon on a bulging convergence seem between the light north coming through the gap and the lower front side air.  Castle Point One worked and we got back to 26.  Castle Point's flag was showing SW at the pool, but the upper level stuff had drift from the east.  Searched around for potential convergence.  Got to 27 and ran for the back ridge.  Came in low but tracked up the lee side to just below ridge line.  There seemed to be light drift from the NW above.  A couple of skips along the back ridge, but we were well below ridge line and fell off behind Castle Point 3.  Back to 3 at Point 3 and 31 at Point 4.

The day seemed to be getting better.  I thought we had a good shot of trying for the back ridge again, but Tom started getting a little green back when were stuck back at Montecito.  Being a school day was also a consideration.  We headed for home.  Got a poor glide against a light SE wind out front, and needed a little boost off Snowball to get to El Carro Park with a couple hundred to spare.

Smooth landing into a light SE at 1:15.  Home for lunch with the in-laws, a 10 minute nap, and back to work.