Saturday, 7/6/02
Pine Local

It had been about 8 weeks since my last solo flight, so it was good to get in the air.  Launched about 10:45 and stayed up about a half hour +.  Got to 9+ in a convergence slightly to the NW.  Went over Rayes.  The drift was variable, and I managed to avoid the lift.  Got stuck on the point below 7 for a while.  Finally got up enough to get back to launch.  Had the family waiting, so I top landed on the road a few yards west of launch.

The rest of the gang showed up as I was launching.  Art got to the mid 9s around noon.  Bob Hurlbett and Ron Faoro also got up, but the other half + struggled on the point.  A couple landed short.  It was blowing up both sides on the way down.

Fun weekend.  First time for Sam up at Pine for camping Friday night.  Got a flat on the way up.  The spare was real small.  The wind seemed to shift around quite a bit.  Stopped at a swimming hole below the hitter ledge on the way back.