Friday, 11/29/02
Post Thanksgiving


Hoping to get some airtime, but got greedy and ended up throwing in the towel.

The stiff east wind had backed off, but the cloud cover was moving in from the SE.  The SB range was in full sun till about 9:30, but I committed to pickup up Edward in Ventura for a run at the Topa's (wanted that east tailwind).  We redirected toward Parma, but  were on the scenic route from Carpinteria through Ventura, Ojai, and over the pass at Lake Casitas.  There was some east, but it was light.   By the time we got back to the ocean, the morning sun was blocked by the advancing cloud deck.  The lapse rate was ok, but not good enough to work without any sun, so we threw in the towel.  It did look like there was a possibility of a hole later in the day.  Edward called an reported a hole opening up over Ojai.  Got antsy but realized the hole was going to be short before we saddled up again.  Some scattered rain later in the day.   Maybe Sunday

The winds aloft forecast from AWC was stuck on last nights forecast for the day (due to the holiday?).