Sunday, 1/12/02
Chiefs Peak to San Antonio School

The lapse rate was sub-par with some marine influence.  A little SE at Debbie, but no wind in Ojai.  Rob had given me a Toucan to try, the day was sunny, and Diablo was offering to supply a later second bus to launch, so I got on the phone looking for a victim.  Sharon grabbed me at my house and we headed uphill with Tony and Carolyn from Nordhoff about 10:30.

No wind on the ridge, but coming in steady at takeoff about 5 to 8.  Easy launch conditions.  Looked weak, but a few pilots were getting a little over launch on the spine.  Off a little before noon.  Could get up a little, but couldn't transition back up the spine once we gave up the high ground.  Got tired of turning circles and ended up stuck down at Twin Peaks.  Finally topped about 39 and took the glide to Stooges.  Came in a little below and got back on top.  Repeated over on the west spine, but finally flushed off the east side.  Got out to San Antonio School with a little to spare.  They have some new classrooms, so the field is smaller.  No wind on approach, so no wind shadow to contend with.  Ballooned up a little on the flare.  Edward got us in Johns truck.