Sunday, 1/19/03
2 top landings at Chiefs
Plus a top landing at Nordhoff Launch
across 33 and back to The Pyramid
finally out to Nordhoff High School
3+ hours

Another sub par day on paper.  Low marine layer and a little eddy from the SE.  18 pilots.  Up the hill with Carolyn, Diablo, Mystery Man, Mega Man, and myself.  First off about 11:25.  Up to a hundred over Chiefs Peak and back for a good top landing on target.  Easy top landing conditions all day.  The next few pilots flushed.  It was working better up high.

Didn't connect a the corner on the second round, and had to fish out toward the middle bump.  Finally got back to 52 and back up to the corner, but it still wasn't working.  Slipped over for another top landing.  Pilots started doing better, but still couldn't connect on the corner after the third launch.  Had fun dueling up with Kristi on the back bump.  Wiggled up to Chiefs and topped about 58 over The Peak and just under 6K west bound.

Took the back ridge.  A little wind from the south over the top.  Got back into the upper 4s at the top of Stooges Spine.  Too low to run across the low spot in the ridge for Nordhoff, so I looked out on the point of the dead end spine just west of Stooges Spine.  Connect back to the upper 4s and went west for the back ridge over by Nordhoff.  The wind was still out of the east, and I could ridge soar up to Take Off.  Easy landing conditions.

Short break and off again.  Had to head out front, and the best I could do was about 47.  Down to 37 off Spine One, still west bound headed across 33.  Came in about 100 below the middle ridge line.  Burned another 100 and turned back for the Nut House.  Came in about 300 over the road, but was able to ridge soar up to launch pretty easily.  (maybe we need lower launch only about half way up?).  It was getting later and slow going once over launch.  Took 15 minutes to get high enough to push east lower than I prefer.  Spent close to an hour getting down to The Pyramid.  Got back to 36 out front and reached the high school with almost 2K.  Landed about 3 pm