Sunday, 3/1/03
Sharon Sweeney Tandem
From Skyport to the Tit to the East end of Castle Ridge
Back to Skyport for aborted top landing
Back to the Castle Points and out to the State Beach
3 hours

Weather Archive

Fun Saturday.  Easy to move around, but cloudbase and OD were blocking the route through The Pass.  Caught a ride with Diablo, Taliban, Edward for crew, and Sharon for the front seat.  Art was set up and ready when we got to launch.  He was airborne about 9:40 and appeared to get up at the Round House and out to the beach?  Sharon and I got off about 10.  Went to the Holy Hills because of light SE out front.

Took 33 hundred over to The Factory, 4+ to Montecito, 34 to the Road Cut at Ramero, and 38+ across the Saddle.  Castle Ridge was in the Shade, and flushed off the east end to the last front point.  Smooth buoyant air in the shade over the front points.  Still had a little SE, so took it back west bound for better sun.

Came a little below the front point of The Factory, and ran through the twin towers.  Took a mild full stall directly over the smaller tower in front.  Got up and tried for a landing on the road below the Skyport, but it was too hazardous, so we aborted and went around.  Limped back out to the rock and got back up.

Went for max altitude over the middle Castle Point, topping about 45 on the edge of the cloud shelf over the mesa between Polo Ridge and Snowball.  Got to the beach and Linden with 2K for some sightseeing, and landed in the field across the tracks from Sharon's house.  1:30.

Lunch and a little map work for review.