Wednesday, 3/5/03
Skyport to La Cumbre Peak to the Red Barn past Piru
2 + 55 ~ 57 miles
4 hours

Weather Archive

Couldn't round up a tandem victim, so out the door solo with no crew about a quarter past 10.  Greg, Doug, and Irene were about to head up from Parma and offered to give me a lift.  Ok cycles coming in when we arrived about 10:50 with a wispy cloud street setting up along the range.  Off just after 11.  Up and over to the R&R.

Weak lift.  Topped about 44 and went to the Peak.  Work up in the weak convergence to 53.  Up to 55 on the ridge behind Montecito Peak.  Castle Ridge wasn't working too well.  There was a little west wind, and most of the thermals seemed to be tracking up the east side.  Played it conservative and clawed along, but didn't get stuck anywhere and seemed to make the connections ok.  46 off Noon Peak and came into West Divide a little low, but got up right away.  6+ at White Ledge.  A boost off bump 2, so I was able to skip the Nut House.

5K at Twin Peaks, but didn't find anything else until I was down low on Puckers.  Back to the mid 5s, and came in on Santa Paula Ridge ok.  Topped about 67 at cloudbase.  Ok glide to Fillmore.  Bounced back form 24 to 48, but the thermal drifted up the north side of the canyon between Jacks Place and the Satellite Dishes, so down below 4 coming off the end of the ridge.

No luck past Piru.  Some lift, but I was low, and the crossing wind and spider webs made the for treacherous conditions along the fluted ridge, so I threw in the towel and headed out for a landing at the Red Barn.  Just after 3 pm.

Diablo had tracked me from White Ledge, and ran out from East Ventura for retrieve.  We picked up Carolyn for dinner and they dropped me at Parma.  Checked in with Frank for a beer.  Home about 5:30.  Dinner at Carrows