Sunday, 3/9/03
Skyport to San Ysidro
2 plus hours

Weather Archive

Left Sharon's vehicle at the parking spot on Gibraltar Road just up from El Cielito.  The first vehicle by was Jim's small station wagon with a couple of Hang Gliders & and Paraglider.  A tight squeeze, but a nice day for a ride on the back bumper.  Don Freudenthal & Bobby were on launch when we got there. Benson and Bob Hurlbett had already taken their sleder.  Cycles were weak.  Airborne about 11:20.

Missed the small cores and got hundred plus below launch.  Found something a little out front and tracked back up.  Topped under 32 and reached for the R&R, but came in too low and had to bleed down to The Tit.  Found good lift that went back to 32.  Stepped back up to the R&R, and got established, but couldn't climb above 32.  Made several runs uphill, but the turkey vultures weren't getting any higher.  Finally headed back over to launch and stuck it on the HG ramp at The Liminator.  My canopy draped over EJ's new Talon, but he didn't let it hinder his sporting spirit.

Sharon had gotten up at the Skyport, but finally went out to the Antenna Farm.  I took a short break for a chat with some of the pilots.  Had more trouble getting up the second time around, and finally headed over to The Factory with a hundred over.  Squeezed in behind the power lines, but had to fall off to the Antenna Farm.  Worked back up above the twin towers, and came in on the lower spine of The Factory in good shape, but couldn't hold it.  Finally headed over to Parkers as EJ was coming out.  The lift was ok out front.  Both Don and Sharon were doing ok.

27 at Parkers.  Picked up a couple hundred on the lower tee below the west spine of Montecito Peak.  Another hundred off the next ridge and got to San Ysidro Point a hundred below the top.  Fizzled down to the front ridge below it before finally holding my own in the high 12s.  Wiggled up to 14+ a couple of times before finally getting on top.  Was able to get above 18 after mapping out the convoluted edges of the lift, and made a couple runs back up hill across the saddle, but couldn't connect on the high ground.  Finally topped just under 21.  Considered cutting across to the next front point, but figured if I could connect up hill, I might get into the high 2s.  No luck again, and spent another half hour bouncing between 11 & 14 on the front ridge below San Ysidro Point.  Finally threw in the towel and headed out to Stewart's.  1:45

Sharon collect me before I could get to town.  We had lunch and reviewed her pictures from last week.