Wednesday, 3/19/03
Brotherhood x2
Sled Ride to Parma

Weather Archive

Trying to squeeze a flight out of a poor day on my last opportunity.  Nice day to be out and enjoying the weather solo.  Left the Toyota at El Cielito & Gibraltar.  Had to wait about 5 minutes for the first vehicle, a pickup with a couple of bikers.  The Rock looked to weak, and the Skyport was stiff down, so they dropped me at the top of Gibraltar.  Hike a half mile over to The Brotherhood.  Coming in nice, about 5 to 12+,  but getting weaker by the time I pulled up.  Clean launch about 11:15, but didn't get up and had to reach for the road after a 180 across the gap.

Hike back up, but it died.  Figured the Skyport would work, but the hike down was over a mile and I'd have to pack up.  Hike over to the HG launch instead and tried a cross wind frontal down the fire break.  Ended up in the brush.  Crashed through a bush on the second try, but got off and veered right through the saddle.  Got in a turn or 2 in a few spots, but it was mostly an extended sleder.  Land at Parma about 12:45.

Kevin came in a little high on Gilbert's old Fusion, but popped his drogue and set down on target.

Walk back up to get the car.