Sunday, 8/10/03
Topa Laps x2
Chiefs Peak to The Nuthouse to The Bluffs to top land at launch
To The Nuthouse to the second fruit stand 3 miles past Fillmore
7+11+4+7+26~55 miles ~ 5 hours airtime

Weather Archive

I had a table to refinish, but it was forecasted to be one of the hottest days in Ojai, plus the lower level winds and onshore draw were weak, so the table had to wait.  Got in a post before the winds came out, but they were as expected.  Dusted off the Brown Suburban for it's first trip uphill in a couple of years.  20 minutes late for the 10 am meet, fumbling for gas and a jump start (the gage doesn't work, and I hadn't fueled in over a year).  John was ready and we loaded the rest in Chris Paul's truck for trip up with Chris Grantham's Sister Mary and their dad for crew (Mary got in a tandem with Ron on the second run).

Followed Chris Grantham off launch about a quarter till noon and marked the top of the lift at 6Kover the peak.  Took the deep route over to the spine above the repeater.  Topped at ridge line and looked down the spine, and then went for the wind block glide to Bruce's, clearing the top.  Chris Paul had taken the front route and was out in the lead by a couple of thermals.

Nordhoff and beyond was good into the low to mid 4s on the way to the Nuthouse, and pilots looked like they were reaching 5 as we flew under on our return leg.  Caught and passed Chris at the Pyramid eastbound.  Got to East Repeater ok, but didn't get up and ran downwind for Boyd's.  Hit the east wind and continued on to the top, but fell out the front of a real strong core.  Looked down spine, but had to turn downwind back into the sheltered bowl as Ron came overhead with his victim.  He went to the top and hooked it.  Inspired by his success, I pressed upwind into the lee again and held on to the strong stuff.  Ron topped OK, looked upwind, and flushed.  I went up the spine to the SE corner of the Bluffs.

The Bluffs were nice, not too strong yet.  Topped around 66 up on the NW corner.  Took the high route back to the Repeater.  Picked up a few hundred and went on glide for launch.  Pulled some little ears for glide adjustment and dropped into the gap about 50 over, turned into the wind and was able to slow up and stay back to put it down sweet on launch, first pass (on camera / video?).  2 pm.

Chad and Bo had some new P2s, so they were waiting out the heat of the day.  Chris Paul and Chris Grantham also dropped in.  Had a bottle of water, a power bar, and took a half hour to relax and watch.  Off again at 2:30 with a flapping rodeo launch after a couple of pull-ups into a stiff cycle.  Hit 6K and dolphined over to the Nuthouse (clearing Bruce's on glide again), and back to Stooges.  It was a little slow at Twin Peaks so I had to go up spine to Chris Paul's thermal.

Chris went to the West Repeater front point and nailed a good one.  I cut across for a higher intercept low on the spine behind the front point.  Found a few scraps, but had to fall out under Tom Pipkin climbing strong in the same spot Chris took up.  Cleared the hill with 50 feet, so had to hold on and ride the strong punches until it got more organized 500 over.  Got into the high 4s and went uphill because Tom & Chris Ps hadn't done well at East Repeater and Boyd's.  Got into the low 6s at the top of the hill and took the back route over to the Bluffs.  Came in low in the back, but was able to get up ok in some weak stuff.

Chris Grantham had gotten to Santa Paula Ridge low and fizzeled.  Brendan and Ojai John got around the corner with better altitude earlier and made it into Fillmore.  I got to the ridge ok, mid way up with 35.  Not enough action for sustaining ridge lift, but there were a few weak spots.  Tried to push up the ridge but got lower and well below ridge line.  Had to turn back toward the College.  Down at 3K, midway down the spine and below ridge line, I found a small week core that was organized and trackable in the light drift.  It got better above the ridge and went a bit behind and then moved uphill.  Left it at 48 and ran for the high point.  Took it around the corner with 44.

Less tail wind than usual.  Got some extenders.  Gained a few hundred below Santa Paul Peak, and went off the end into buoyant air and some tailwind with 28.  Only used about 200 feet on the 2 to 3 mile glide to the river.  Arrived on the hills behind Mark Pratt's house with 18.  The drift was much lighter than usual.  Got back to 22 and crossed the Canyon to the "F".  Tracked uphill to 22 again, but got out in front on the power lines when the ridge got higher and further from the road.  Normally, the river wind will scruff off the thermals, but with a lighter sea breeze and record temperatures I was able to track a couple more thermals for small gains.  Finally ran out to land at the second fruit stand 3 miles past the rest area east of Fillmore.  5:20 pm.

Made some calls.  Chris Paul had landed at the College and rode with chase back to the High School.  He was there as I finished buying my cold drink and fruit.  My Suburban took a load to launch for another run, so I met Sharon in Ventura.  We made a short stop at the beach to cool off, and Sharon persuaded me to get my feet wet.  Felt good.  Big moon a day before full crossing the freeway in Carp as the Santa Barbara Airbus was getting off for it's local stop.

Put the truck to bed, log the transients, shave and shower, eat, and post by 11.