Friday, 8/22/03
Tandems from Wilcox
Multiple flights with Sam, then Pam, then Sam again

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Pam was longing for a flight, preferably in the mountains, but due to her new daughter's feeding schedule we needed to do something that wouldn't separate her for too long.  August is one of the more consistent months at Wilcox, and the airport was reporting 15 from the SW.  On the drive up, it seemed like a good breeze with caps on the water, but it was light at launch.

My parents were in town, and they were scheduled to meet us at the cliff and take care of Tess while Pam and I were up.  They made a wrong turn so we needed to wait a bit.  It was questionable weather we would be able to stay up, and not much beach at high tide.  Took a short flight with Sam on the full size tandem and got about 250 over.  We were backing up a bit with more wind at the higher altitude.  Landed and let JD check it out for us.  He and Chris G had previously flushed to the beach, but he got up ok this time.  Pam & I followed and did ok also.  It started to die after a few passes, but we got back down on top.

It was getting lighter, so we tried with Sam again.  Desmond gave it a go but went to the beach.  We moved out from launch a wingspan or so, but kept the edge within reach.  After a number of bunny hop touch and goes, we opted to head down and pack up on the grass.  Made it about two thirds of the way.

Dinner in the harbor afterward.