Saturday, 11/8/03
West LaCumbre x 2
Sleder to Adams School (by the Show Grounds)
Sleder to RC Hill

Weather Archive

Wishful thinking.  The weather had been good all week, but it wouldn't give us one more day for the weekend.  Dawn was cloudy and it got thicker.  Headed up hill in Robb Milley's truck with Frank for crew and SD, Chris Paul, Darren, and Ron Meyer in the back seat. There were some lower level clouds and a higher overcast.  Looked like sleders, so we opted to launch above for longer flights.  There were a few pilots at the Skyport, and another crew went to The Alternator.  Chris Paul and I were the only pilots to launch, and we both took two flights.

Scenery was nice.  A bit out of the SE at West La Cumbre.  Stuck it in a bush on the first launch attempt.  Got off after Chris on the second try and was able to hang on at The Peak for a few passes, but was slowly sinking out.  Cleared Cathedral on the glide and got to the Fair Grounds with about 400 agl.  Easy landing at Adams school.

Back up, but the flow had veered around more from the east and the Peak didn't work as well.  Headed out to RC Hill.

Packed up wet