Saturday, 11/22/03
Brotherhood hop
about 12 seconds

Weather Archive

Looked pretty iffy for flying, but too nice a day to sit home.  Met Bob Hurlbett at Parma, and Sharon was good for crew.  Mobil uphill about 10:15  Blowing down pretty good at all the check spots, so up to The Brotherhood.  Seemed a bit stronger than preferable.  The velocity check was peaking just under 20ish, but it was gusty and buffety.  Waffled back and forth, but finally suited up.

Going up, but also backing up just off launch.  Concerned about drifting back in to the rotor.  Topped about 75' over.  Got hold of the speed bar and applied full travel, standing on the bar in an upright position incase the canopy deflated.  Intuitively stayed upright incase I took a drop into the brush.  Was determined not to let the glider fly higher, more willing to take a big front tuck than drift up and back.  Fortunately, when I drifted back, I also drifted behind the lift band, but was still in clean air.  Was able to hold position with full speed bar.  Stayed on the bar to the ground, and pulled risers to kill the canopy once low enough to touch.

Hung out at the Skyport for awhile.  Diablo showed up and we looked at the ridge again.  The Alternator had less wind, but it was cross from the east.  Opted to wait for better condition from the Nut House on Sunday.

A few pilots flew Bates.