Friday, 12/26/03
Bates to Marina Park (Ventura)
about 15 miles

Weather Archive

Was hoping for a block.  Debbie was only gusting to 15 at 8:30 so we set a 9:30 meet at Parma.  Chris Paul picked me up at home about 9:15.  We checked Debbie was going the other way and there was a fair amount of lower level wind already, so we opted for Bates.  Got there a bit before 9:30 and the wind was already almost filled in.  Suited up and launched about 9:45.

Penetration was ok.  Seemed a bit early.  The wind was a bit gusty like it hadn't quite pushed through.  Chris Paul launched.  Got over 5, but thought it would get better.  Finally left with 475.  Connected ok.

Didn't get very high at La Conchita.  left with about 1200.  Got back up a Pitas and followed Chris around the corner with 15ish.  Easy connection to Solimar.  Rounded Taylor Ranch with 19 just off the point.  Passed about 500 yards off the end of the Pier.  Might have been able to stretch across the harbor, but opted to through out the anchor at Marina Park.

Unbuckled and backed it in.  Nice touchdown on the grass.  Pack up in the wind where it lay.  Chris Paul put down at the state park.  Benson and Bob H collected us and we headed back to Bates.

Didn't seem too bad, only gusting to 20ish, so I opted to try again.  Once airborne, penetration was a problem.  Climbed to 4 pretty quick backing up fast.  Thought I'd go to 5 or six, but 4 was it so I got on the bar and aborted.  Got down lower out front and pushed back upwind for another try.  The wind was worse the second try and I only got a little over 3.  Aborted again.  Threw in the towel and landed on the beach.  Chris Paul reported the velocity on launch increased after takeoff with gust approaching 30.

Pack up in the front yard.