Thursday, 6/10/04
Skyport to the back side of Gobernador Hill
Relaunch and fly down to the Gobernador Valley
about 14 miles & 2 hours

Weather Archive

Was hoping for a June post frontal day, but the inversion had set back in.  Picked up Frank and headed uphill.  The Rock was coming up, but opted to for the Skyport because it's launch is easier.  It was disappointing to observe the deterioration.  It's lost a foot of top soil in places, and is weathering down to the uneven bare rock underneath.

Not much movement on launch.  Zero to one or two up.  About 500 above the top of the lift.  Airborne by 10:30.  Topped a couple of times off the Antenna Farm and fished around a bit before moving over to Parkers.  Finally got to 27, which was a hundred higher than I'd been, so I took the glide across toward Montecito.

Did ok on the glide, but didn't get up on the fist two points, so I reached all the way to San Ysidro Point.  Got there even and gained a hundred, but couldn't bench up across the saddle.  Was down to 12 at one point, but hung on and finally got back to 17.  Had a little drift from the west, so I went with it and crossed the canyon to the west front point in front of Ramero.  Picked up a little and was finally able to bench up behind the east front point to the road cut.  Topped about 31 and went for Castle Point 1.

The day started working better and I got over 3 again and benched up to the back ridge.  Getting into the mid 3s, 500 above the lower clouds in front.  Wanting 4 to get over to Power Line Ridge, but 37 was all I could muster off the east end of Castle Ridge.  Struggled after a low arrival below the west point of Power Line Ridge, but finally got up to 4.  Flushing off the east end with 35 and looking like a long way out, but got lucky and picked up a couple hundred.

Got to Noon Peak a little low, but in the game.  Struggled for a half hour.  Observed an occasional cummie popping in the pass at 5K.  Close but no cigar.  Finally fizzled down the spine and had to run for the back side of Gobernador Hill.  Landed on the fire break and hiked about 400 or 500 yards to the relaunch knob.

Took three pull ups because I kept getting sticks in my lines.  Finally came up clean and I cleared the front bushes by a whisker.  Crossing from the SE.  Might have been able to pull a glide SW to Cate School, but didn't want to risk coming up short crossing the canyon.  Went left against the wind and got a bad glide, but good enough to reach the east end of the valley.

Pam brought the troops over for a pickup and we did the hot tub at Frank's.