Sunday, 7/18/04
Pine SS to Cuddy Valley
About 4 hours
Max altitude: cloudbase, 13,500'

Weather Archive

It was the weekend, so I used a kitchen pass and met up at Nordhoff HS.  Rode up in Brendan's Suburban.  Tom Pipkin's truck also went to launch, and Diablo left his at the summit.  Edward and Kristi for crew.  Followed Pipkin off the South Side a little before noon.

Tom P got up to 11 and on course right away, but it took me a half hour to finally get above 11.  The convergence seemed to be working better a little to the west.  A lot of pilots airborne, but for some reason, most opted to plug upwind to the south.  Tom P was stuck low at Dry Canyon, which was in light shade.  I flew around the west side of the shade and got back to 9ish north of Dry Canyon.  Took the altitude and played for the spine leading up to Pinos and Abel.

Came in on the point with 65, committed.  It worked and I got to Pinos easy.  Tom P was in tow.  Since there was a bit too much south at altitude to reach the Antelope Valley in a PG, the plan was to max out at Pinos, and take the downwind glide toward Bakersfield.  Got to cloudbase ok over Pinos, but there seemed to be a better cloud bridge to the north from the Cuddy Valley, so I went east.  The clouds dissipated, and I missed my chance.  Tom P connected and took the glide.

I got stuck in Lockwood forever.  It was turb in the lee of Frazier Mountain.  The lower level wind was from the north, but the upper level stuff was from the south at 15 plus.  Got back up 12+ once and tried to get back on Pinos, but there was too much south wind.  Got to 11+ but wanted more.  Mostly stuck down low after that.  I couple of saves off the deck, but couldn't break free.  There were good clouds coming off the lee of Frazier, but I didn't like the turb.  Chase was back from getting Tom P from Bakersfield, and Diablo landed at Willow Springs, so I threw in the towel and landed in Cuddy Valley a little before 4 pm.

Thought we would go home on the 14, but somehow Tom P's truck got left at the summit, so....  Got home after 8.