Pine SS to Top Land at Launch
to Dry Canyon
Chief's to Top Land at Launch
to East Repeater
to Bump One (west of Hwy 33) (about 10 miles)
back to Spine One and out to Nordhoff High School
total airtime on 4 flights about 3 hours

Weather Archive

Saturday's forecast looked better than Sunday, so I took my kitchen pass and met Diablo in Ventura at 9.  We loaded Edward and got to launch by 10:15.  Tom P's truck was close behind, but we only had Edward for crew, so he had to hustle down for the juggle.  Cycles were already a bit stiff and would likely build with south in the forecast.  Airborne about 10:35

Couldn't get more than a few hundred over.  It seemed too early and the weak thermals were broken by the wind.  Tried out front over the knob.  It was weak, but less wind than up on the ridge.  There was ridge lift, but I had to climb a few hundred in weak thermal lift to get back to the ridge.  It was mentally taxing due to the sharp edges, broken thermals, and gusty wind, so I opted to land once Tom P's truck arrived.  Soft side hill touchdown on launch about 11ish.

Waited about 15 minutes and tried again.  It was stronger all around.  More wind and stronger thermals that were going higher.  Hung out awhile, but was concerned that it might get blown out.  The best thermals seemed to be over the ridge, but they wanted to drift OTB.  Parked out at times, but there was less wind down lower out front.  Took a thermal from the Knob and decided to go with it climbing through 75.  Was hoping to get higher, but only topped about 8K.  Went OTB from the valley camp ground.

Ready for some rotor, plenty of ground speed, but smooth sailing out to the river.  The big flag at Scheideck was blowing from the west, but at 56 I was still in the south wind.  Dropped into the west flow below 5K.  Found several buoyant areas, and gained a couple hundred here and there.  Drifted out the back and played for Dry Canyon.  Got there low and fizzled.  Hung on for awhile and landed just before noon.

Edward and crew collected me and we were off to Chief's, leaving Diablo's vehicle along Lockwood Valley Road for him to thumb back to.  Chief's looked hazy, and the forecasted temp spread was sub par.  Popped off a little before 2, and was glad to see it was working better than expected.  Wiggled up to Chief's and came back in for a top landing on launch.

Tried heading east, but East Repeater seemed spotty and the drift was from the east (not typical), so I didn't try for Boyd's.  Worked a couple of cores and took 37 west bound for a low intercept below West Repeater.  Another low intercept in the high 2s below Twin Peaks, but it as all working.  Topped a couple hundred over Chief's Peak.

Took the back ridge west, hoping to jump OTB into Rose Valley, but could only get a hundred over ridge line, and less upwind of the Jerry's Ranch.  Tried the dead end spine west of Stooges spine.  There was a thermal on the point that went to 45 plus, but the wind was from the SE and I wasn't confident about the glide out the canyon against potential canyon draw.  I opted to commit downwind and run to the back of the canyon for the short SE spine below Nordhoff Peak.

Wiggled up the back ridge toward the tower, and came in a few hundred below it.  Penetrated out front and got on the spine and went to 53.  Not sure what to do, I headed for The Pyramid.  In hindsight, I might have been able to jump the back toward Dry Lake Ridge, or try the north side of the Matilija Canyon.  No luck at the Pyramid, but the drift was still from the east so I kept going and got across 33.  Hit the SW down low, but was able to work the ridge lift up to Bump One.  Got a little over 3K and turned back for the Nut House.

Still plenty soarable, but the last ride out of town was packed up so I left Spine One in the high 3s and landed at the High School, I think about 4:30ish.  Caught a ride with Ron M and packed up in Ventura.