Sunday, 10/17/04

Bates Tandems x 5
with Cindy & Jack Rief, Pam & Tom Truax, Dao and Steve Stormbrek
all first PG flights except Pam & Pam

Diablo called at 8:30 to report Bates was working.  I put a bug in Pam's ear and got the green light to take her girlfriends, so we gave Cindy a call.  I started to rain, but then the sun came out and it looked ok so we headed over about 9:30ish

Nice conditions.  Smooth.  Light caps would come and go.  Getting a hundred over launch at times.  Had a couple of short stretches when the direction got better an pilots were venturing pretty far up wind toward the office buildings.  Was able to top land at the upper launch with the girls, but had to use lower with Jack, and finally flushed to the beach with Steve as the day shut down for good.

Plenty of gliders in the air.  I counted seven or 8 once.  Doc with there with some of his students.  Pam was lining up spectators for rides, but they'll have to wait for another day.  All done by 2 pm

Photos by Jack Rief

Video by Jack Pending