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Wednesday, 3/18/2020 [Weather] and [Flight Articles] by [Logan] [Lorimer] & [Sundowner]
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Weather Archive and Summary for
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Archiving the weather for the first 100 mile PG flight from SB (by Logan Walters) about 6 months after the event, so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

My recollection is that Wednesday was a high potential day during an exciting string of instability with colorful variation.  Wednesday played out somewhat as expected. but reality is never completely as anticipated or encountered due to an asymptotic basket of perceived and unnoticed variables.

We got out the door early but not super early due to significant but fading north wind at ridgeline.  The north persisted longer than we would have preferred, but when it blocked it happened quick and switched uphill at the Skyport with gusto.  There was still some north to contend with at altitude, but manageable and perhaps useful as Logan's photo depicts of him surfing above the leading edge of the clouds over Casitas Pass.

As forecast, the wind did sweep through along the coast later in the afternoon.  Angela posted a video of Dylan checking the late afternoon wind at Bates and Carter posted a photo of Dylan kiting a small PG wing in the wind.  Clouds were in play during the day.  Unfortunately, the NOAA archive of satellite images for March 18 is missing?

A number of pilots who rode up the hill opted not to fly for various reasons including the wind and strength of the day.  Sarah Lockwood drove down, then boosted SD back to the Skyport for a 3rd attempt before getting on chase to collect Willy and Logan.  Brian Howell landed around Piru (I think across the river).  Brian's life partner Kelly drove up to collect the straggles which included Brian, Tom Truax, and we spotted Chris Lorimer, who landed between Fillmore and Piru, walking along Hwy 126.  Kelly also collected a visiting (French? did not speak English) pilot along 126 who had launched from the Nuthouse.

Note: the only other 100+ mile flight was on a hang glider by Craig Warren
Santa Barbara 101 miles!! on 3/15/2002 / 18 years ago...

Pre-Flight Perceptions:

Posted to the SBSA Telegram Chat on Tuesday afternoon 3/17/2020
by Logan Walters at 4:36 PM
Tomorrow, the 18th, Tom and I will be leaving Carpinteria at 8:30am.  If anyone wants a ride from east beach at 8:45 please post.  We will leave Parma at 9:00am.  I have room for five more, the Eagle van is out of commission.

Posted to the SBSA Telegram Chat on Wed  morning, 3/18/2020

by Fast Eddy at 7:41 AM
100mile day boys n girls

by Neal Michaelis at 8:26 AM
AJX is the goal today!!!
Rose Bowl at a bare minimum

by Logan Walters at 8:29 AM
Step one get off the hill

by Jeff Longcor at 8:30 AM
Step two find the first thermal! One step at a time!
Best of luck and have fun everyone. Super duper fomo.

by Hopper Pennington at 8:32 AM
If you make the rose bowl, I’ll pick you up and buy beers Neal, it’s a couple miles from my house

and more continuing on the SBSA Telegram Chat...

Copied from http://scpa.info/bb/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3954
SCPA/SBSA Discussion forum / Posted by Tom Truax (aka sd)
starting Monday, 3/16/2020 (in reverse chorological order) through Thursday, 3/19

Mid-March 2020

Thursday 3/19/2020 dawn update

For those pilots who opted to watch yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) flights from the sidelines, you missed out on some wind and sharp strong air with frequent hard edges, but the good news is it looks good through at least Saturday with lighter wind and an OK to good lapse rate.

Today (Thursday) might OD and rain, but you can likely get in some quality airtime before the OD and it should be smooth in the shade.  Base wind is mid-single digits from the west.  Chance of rain is only 20%

Tomorrow (Friday) should also work in SB, but for Max distance potential you might want to start from Oat Mountain in Fillmore?  Base wind is light from the east.  Perhaps a bit drier than Thursday, but looks like some high clouds might dampen the heating and limit the potential?

Saturday looks like a good day in SB with the wind forecasted to clock around and come from the west (base wind is currently forecasted to be mid-single digits). The day looks drier and the high clouds are less of a threat, so you might be able to get on course eastbound? (added note: Pilots flew from Fillmore westbound past Refugio on Saturday, so the east flow timing lingered into the weekend).

For those of you who remember Ron Faoro, he would have been 66 today…


Wednesday 3/18/2020 pre-dawn Update

The forecast for today is pretty much on track.  Ballistic lapse rate with the thermals going high.  There is some increasing wind to contend with.  More wind along the coast than in the mountains, and much less wind through Ojai.  The strategy is to get over Casitas Pass before the west wind builds.  Launching early might be problematic due to north wind early but we expect the lower launches to block.  The lapse rate in Fillmore looks good with thermals going to 6K midday, and a little weaker late in the day.

The forecast for tomorrow (Thursday) is looking better than it was on Monday.  Weaker lapse rate but still good and not as much coastal wind.  More wind up high, but there is a high capping inversion above 6K that should shield the lower altitudes.  More moisture tomorrow.

Friday and Saturday are also looking promising.  Today still looks like the best day for distance, but it also has the most wind.  Friday might be a good day to fly back to Santa Barbara from Fillmore


Monday Morning Outlook through Mid-Week (Mid-March 2020)

We have continued instability for a few days with incremental drying each day through Thursday.  Expect some cloud development and possible showers, but likely some windows that offer good flying.

Santa Barbara is likely the preferable mountain launch through the period for a number of reasons.

Wednesday looks like the most promising day?

Monday (today)  Expect moist flow from the south, increasing with altitude, and rain.  Likely a no go in the mountains due to clouds, wind, and rain.  Bates should work for HGs if you enjoy flying in the rain.

Tuesday still has significant moisture with possible rain.  Drying some later in the day, but perhaps over-development in the mountains?  The lapse rate looks good.  You might be able to scoot along under cloudbase and then tower up for a glide out mid-afternoon?  The skew-t graphs are forecasting local flow below ridgeline to be light from the SE, but the marine forecast is calling for mild flow form the SW, building to possibly ridge soarable velocities in the afternoon.

Wednesday is drier but still has a good lapse rate.  Should be able to launch from the Santa Barbara lower launches early (the upper launches might have some wind from the NW).  Forecasted wind starts out light from the SW (down low) then builds into the low teens in the mountains in the afternoon, so recommend launching early and getting over Casitas Pass before the wind becomes a problem.  The forecasted wind isn’t excessive, but enough to demand your attention.  Less wind in Ojai, but also more cloud development with likely eventual OD, so you want to get through Ojai before it shades in too much.  The development could grow into afternoon showers.  The OD will likely encompass Santa Paula Peak, but perhaps drier toward Fillmore and the river valley?

Thursday is drier still, but the lapse rate fades above 3K.  Below 3K the lapse rate looks good so the Santa Barbara mountains should work.  The skew-t soundings are forecasting light flow from the SE in the mountains and the marine forecast is calling for light flow from the west

Friday is looking a little flat but it’s pretty far out...





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