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Sunday, 1/24/2021 [Weather] and [Flight Articles] by [Jeff Longcor] [Derek Musashe] & [Sundowner]
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Sundowner's Flight Report, see also [Weather Archive]

Skyport to No-Name to Piru

Reference: [IGC Text Data File] and [Google Earth KMZ File] or [Ayvri Solo Web Animation]

Sunday, 1/24/2021
Leg 1 ~ 4.1 miles / Skyport to No-Name
Leg 2 ~ 55.5 miles / No-Name to Piru
total distance around 1 turn point ~ 59.6 miles
~ 3 hours 7 minutes airtime, 11:18 to 2:25 PST
UP Meru

Did not log the flight until more than a year later, so the details are fuzzy. Recollect being far in the lead and opted to go low stress up the valley rather than tangling with the foothills in the wind, but fizzled in Piru only to watch a parade of pilots fly by later, including pilots on "B" rated (lower performance) gliders .


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