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Saturday, 11/13/2021  [Weather] and [Flight Articles] by
[Cedar] [Austin Cantrell] [Mike Lester] [Angela] [Sundowner] & [Jenny]
Ayvri Web Animation [to Ojai Group / 12 tracks] or [Big Group / only 35 tracks, unable to add some tracks?]

Sundowner's Flight Report, see also [Weather Archive]

Pine SS to Haddock to Rayes to Nordhoff to the Topa Bluffs to Soule Park Golf Course

Reference: [IGC Text Data File] and [Google Earth KMZ File] or [Ayvri Solo Web Animation] and [JPG Overview]

Saturday, 11/13/2021
Leg 1 ~ 04.1  miles / Pine SS launch to Haddock
Leg 2 ~ 02.7 miles / Haddock to Rayes
Leg 3 ~ 09.1 miles / Rayes to Spine 1
Leg 4 ~ 11.2 miles / Spine 1 to the Topa Bluffs
Leg 5 ~ 07.8 miles / Topa Bluffs to Nordhoff
Leg 6 ~ 02.4 miles / Nordhoff to Soule Park
37.3 miles total SLOFD (Straight Line Over-Flown Distance) distance around 5 turn points
Longest SLOFD Segment / 16.3 miles / Pine to the Topa Bluffs
2 hours 33 minutes hours airtime / Launch at 1:05:45 PST / Land at  to 3:38:12
UP Trango

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Late Day Air in Ojai was nice, but Austin got a better upwind final glide a little later...


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