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Aaron LaPlante (aka varies) Flight Log Index

See Also: Cracka Sauce YouTube Channel / Tips for Free Flying in Santa Barbara.
at: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCphRVKBfYdbMrQsJd4du7Uw
plus Aaron's [Comments] and Some flights below copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum
no Leonardo log as of 10/2017 search?

Description year_mo-dy Google
Photos Video
VOR Bushwhack Re-Launch 2016_09-05        
Niviuk Artik 4 Video 2015_07       Interview
Nuthouse to Elings 2015_01-01       Elings Landings
Skyport to Lizard's Mouth to Nordhoff HS 2014_12-26       Painted Cave
Niviuk Airtik Article 2014_12-12     Niviuk  
humility in the pacific 2014_06-07     Cliff  
hazy daze sunday 2013_12-22        
Sunday Quickie Lap 2013_11-24        
EJ to the T in South East 2013_10-26        
EJ to Castle to East Beach 2013_09-28     Life Gurard  
Santa Barbara Inversion 2013_06-01        
Staycation Friday 2013_05-24        
Skyport to Padaro 2013_05-23     Selfie  
Elings to Wilcox / Fogbase Sunday 2013_04-29        
Elings to Wilcox / Shoeless Friday 2013_04-27        
Sunday OD Skyport to Lake Casitas 2013_02-10     OD  
SB Laps; EJ / VOR / Ramero / VOR 2013_01-04        
Foggy Sunday 2012_11-25     Fog  
Skyport to VOR to Parma 2012_11-12     Cathedral  
Skyport to EJ Bowl 2012_11-11       Bloopers
EJ Bowl to Nordhoff HS (Ojai) 2012_11-04        
EJ Bowl to Chismahoo (Casitas Pass Hike)   2012_10-27     My LZ  
Skyport to Elings Park Training Hill 2012_04-27        
Skyport to No Name to Padaro Beach 2012_03-27        
Skyport to Snowball to Carp Beach 2012_03-26        
Alternator Laps 2012_03-03-04        
Skyport to Birnam Wood 2012_02-19     Hammer  
Skyport Clouds 2012_02-18     Above CB  
Alternator to El Capitan 2012_02-05     El Cap  
Alternator to the Factory to Goleta 2012_02-04        
EJ Bowl to Parma 2012_02-03        

Aaron's Paraglide.net Comments Index

Description Year_Mo-Dy
Active Air Turbulence 2017_10





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