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Chris Grantham
Tuesday, 2/8/05

So there I was at the nuthouse...... Scary strong "cycles" coming up the front.  Cumis all around.  Wow.  It was going to be good.

Punched off but spotted something shiny in the road.  Could it be?  It is!  There was a sparkly new quarter sitting in the road not far from my car!  I had to have it!  I plummeted from the sky in hot pursuit of loose change.  I plummeted like a man on a mission!  Landed on the road near my car, stripped off my harness and flung myself towards the quarter before anyone else spotted my pecuniary prize and snatched it from the blacktop.  Mine!

Time from launch to grasping my shiny precious was mere seconds.  One of the nearby orange pickers looked at me funny.  I yelled back "I meant to do that!  I swear!" and held up my quarter.

I think the east wind put the NH in the lee.  Bad juju.  Bad air..... good quarter.  I won't be declaring it in my taxes.