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Chris Grantham
Thursday, 11/17/05

The Alternator x2
Round 1; to R&R and back to Cieneguitas
Round 2; to the Factory and out to the Beach

Lapse rate looked good above 3k, and the "high wind advisory" the forecasters have been predicting for the last week was, just like every other day, a non-event.

Launched at noon for the first round.  Got to 4,300 before reaching west bowl and immediately followed Bob H and Greg Knudsen eastbound.  Wasn't really able to do much else other than maintain at La Cumbre so flushed to the R&R.  Struggled there a bit with Greg but finally managed to bump back up to 3,400.  Decided to take my toys and run back to Cieneguitas for round 2.  Flushed off at the Cathedral and struggled at the power lines and water tanks for ages.  Flushed to Robbins but at 1,400 directly over Robbins got a mercy cycle that boosted me back to 1,800.  Went on glide for Cieniquitas and just squeaked in.

Rob, back from Hawaii, was there with the van and we got a boost up for round 2.  Launced again at 2pm and went to 4,500 over launch without hitting West Bowl.  Easier glide to La Cumbre than last time.  Chip followed me over but got flushed and limped back to West Bowl.  Got a few hundred at La Cumbre and another easy glide to the R&R.  Didn't pick up anything there, so continued on to Skyport and arrived with 3,150.  Considered top-landing for a whole 1/2 second and moved on to the TF.  TF was working and got boosted up to 3700.  Seemed like there was a pretty hard ceiling there and just couldn't break through.  Decided to give the beach a go anyway.  Crossed the Antenna Farm with 3,200 and a very slight tailwind.  Arrived at the beach with 800 to spare.

Halfway through packing up two kids asked me if I wanted a ride.  They kept pointing to a van that looked suspiciously like Truax's.  I didn't recognize Sam (he got big fast!) and sure enough they had all been down at the beach flying kites.  Tom was kind enough to boost me back to Cieneguitas for my car.

All in all, a pretty good day.  Too bad it hadn't been a weekend.  Would have been a nice addition to my SBXC stats..;P