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Chris Grantham
Monday & Tuesday 1/9 & 1/10/06

Pretty sweet conditions both days.  First day saw an easy climb from launch to just under 4k with a little drift to the West.  Took it from launch to the R&R where I got to 37.  Arrived at Cathedral below the top but it was an easy ride back up. West Bowl at 2,800 where I met up with Bo, Ben and a few from out of town.  Boated with them for half an hour or so before bailing for Cieneguitas. Would have liked to get back to Parma but the East wind prevented it.

Tuesday had another small crew including Greg Knudsen getting in his 1 day of flying.  Another easy climb from launch to 4k and thought "hey! Ojai!" so headed for the Thermal Factory.  Waited while Greg climbed out over launch in relatively smooth organized lift.  There was some miscommunication on the radio and Greg headed West instead.  It's more fun to fly with friends than to fly far so I chased him and we made the crossing to Cathedral together.  I arrived a touch higher and had an easier climb out to 3,700. West Bowl was again easy though the further West you got, the more disorganized the lift. Back to 3,700 at WB and Greg and I crossed paths in opposite directions on the transition.  3,700 again at Cathedral and jumped to the Tit.  Unfortunately something had changed during the day and I got stuck below 3k at the tit.  The best lift was over the power lines so I struggled there for a bit before bailing for Parma.  Greg was by now breaking back across Cathedral low.  He arrived well below the Tit, hit 3k and after some moments, pulled the glide to the beach.

Beautiful days with great lift.  Couldn't have asked for better.