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Chris Grantham
Sunday, 2/'19/06
Skyport to the Beach

Big crew, as per the usual these last few weeks.  Arrived at launch around 10:20ish with big cumis out front but somewhat limited ground heating.  Sat around for a while at launch, amusing ourselves with some snowball throwing, and some even decided to drive down.  Dean and I didn't feel like waiting around any more and launched in a particularly dark looking part of the day.  Not much to be had until I got to the antenna farm.  Went straight to 4k and cloudbase.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a west wind up high, and more than a bit down low.  Decided to go for the beach since I couldn't feel my fingers or face.  It went relatively well until I arrived at the freeway.  It became increasingly apparent that there was a raging wind on the surface.  GPS showed 2mph into the SW wind.  Landed vertically.  A bunch of others followed me out including some HGs.  The lift was great, but conditions were a bit weird and the hard west wind made it a bit questionable.

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