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Logan Walters Flight Log Index

Link to Logan's inReach Satellite Tracker:

Logan has more flights logged on XContest at

Logan's Linkedin page may require login?

Logan has an account on Leonardo (Paragliding Forum), but he doesn't seem to log his flight there

Note: some IGC and (and subsequent KMZ) files have been edited to trim the ends and reconcile landing and takeoff altitude with Google Earth.

Description / Overview / Article Link year_mo-day Flt
Google Earth Web Animation Photos Video
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Blackhawk to Halloran Springs / 91.8 miles 2020_05-09 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Fillmore past Figueroa / 67.9 miles 2020_04-07 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to San Dimas / 111.8 miles 2020_03-18 IGC KMZ rev a Ayvri    
Skyport to Ojai 2020_03-17          
The Knuckle (1st flights from a new launch) 2020_03-09          
Skyport to Painted Cave to La Conchita 2020_01-17 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
EJ to VOR to Fillmore 2019_11-18 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to VOR to Powerlines to Montecito Beach 2019_10-31   pending      
EJ to VOR to Lake Casitas 2019_10-22   pending      
EJ to VOR then
OTB to Ranger Pk to Happy Canyon
2019_10-11 IGC Logan
Logan Only
Chris & Logan
Chiefs to Bluffs to Frazier to Grade Vly 2019_10-07 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Magic Mountain  62.3 miles 2019_09-30 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Garlock to Lone Pine 2019_07-06 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Plowshare to Pine 2019_07-02 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Ord to Joshua Tree 2019_06-05 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Paiute to Boundary Pk to Big Pine 2019_05-29   pending      
Bates  to Ventura 2019_05-26   pending      
Nuthouse to Semi Valley 2019_05-17   pending      
Plowshare to New Cuyama 2019_05-01   pending      
Pine NS to Antelope Valley 2019_04-25 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Nuthouse to Bates 2019_03-25   pending      
Ej to Northoff to Parma 2019_03-14   pending      
Bypass to Gaviota 2019_03-11 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Ventura 2019_03-07   pending      
Bates to Ventura 2019_03-03 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Nuthouse to VOR 2018_10-12 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Pine SS to Nordhoff High School 2018_07-28 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Pine SS to Ranch Road IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Fillmore to Ojai 2018_07-07 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Ojai 2018_12-28   pending      

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