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Marty DeVietti Flight Log Index

see also Marty's [Comments] and Some flights below copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum
no Leonardo log as of 10/2017 search?

Description yr_mo-day Google Earth Flt
Photos Video Doarama
Skyport to Fillmore 2014_12.26          
EJ Bowl to Chiefs to Fillmore 2013_11-24          
Pine to I-5 and back to Ojai 2013_09-07          
Nuthouse to Chiefs to Fillmore 2013_08-25          
Nuthouse, 7500 / Nutty Mother 2013_05-12          
Nuthouse to Nordhoff to the Santa Barbara Pier 2012_11-11          
Nuthouse to Painted Cave to West Bowl to The T 2012_02-04          
Pine to Mojave 2011_08-28          

Marty's Paraglide.net Comments Index

Description Year_Mo-Dy
Active Air Turbulence 2017_10





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