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Mitch Riley Flight Log Index (Mostly Local So Cal Flights)

See Also: Mitch's Vimeo Page at: [https://vimeo.com/mitchriley]
or track Mitch's flights on his Delorme inReach Map Page at: [https://share.delorme.com/MitchRiley]
plus Mitch's [Comments] and Some flights below copied from various sources
Some flight data copied from: [www.xcontest.org/world/en/pilots/detail:mitchriley]
Note: some IGC and (and subsequent KMZ) files have been edited to trim the ends and reconcile landing and takeoff altitude with Google Earth.

Description / Overview / Link year_mo-day Google Earth Flt
Photos Video Doarama
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Skyport to Lancaster 2019_10-01 KMZ IGC      
Tandem with Chris Ballmer, EJ to Parma 2017_10-28 KMZ IGC      
Nordhoff to Painted Cave & Back 2017_10-24 KMZ IGC JPG   1705229
EJ to VOR to Fillmore with SD 2017_10-16 KMZ IGC     1693433
Skyport to Big Pine to Divide to Parma
Backcountry Wilderness Loop
2017_09-25 KMZ IGC JPG   1645853
Skyport to Aqua Dulce 79+ miles
skimming deep over Bear Haven
2017_09-23 KMZ IGC JPG   1645789
Pine NS PL past Lancaster 86.2 miles
Crossing I5 south of Pyramid Lake
2017_09-22 KMZ IGC     1645749
Bald Mountain Idaho 137 miles
deeper line then 7/4/15 146 flight
Pine SS past Taft 2017_05-23          
Pine SS to Carrizo Plain 2017_05-22          
Nuthouse to OB1 to East Beach 2017_05-20 KMZ IGC     1362118
Marshall to Chiriaco 102.6 miles 2017_04-19 KMZ IGC     1647043
Nuthouse Past Piru
After an exploratory loop to
OB1 and back to the Nuthouse
2017_03-29 KMZ IGC     1647629
EJs to Chiefs Peak to Lake Casitas 2017_03-09 KMZ IGC     1247157
VOR to Fillmore
with outlanding, hike, and relaunch
2017_03-03 All Legs
VOR to Chismahoo
Chismahoo to Fillmore
All Legs
Marshall to Frazier Park 100 miles 2016_09-28 KMZ IGC JPG   1645558
Pine to Lockwood 2016_09-19 KMZ IGC     1647519
Ojai to Plowshares 2016_09-18 KMZ IGC     1647523
Marshall Triangle 2016_05-02          
Skyport to Steckel Park
Low through Casitas Pass and
South of Sulphur Mountain
2016_03-30 KMZ IGC JPG   1647467
Skyport to Fillmore 2016_02-12          
Skyport to Steckel Park 2016_02-10          
EJ Bowl to Ojai 2015_12-18          
Skyport toward Santa Maria
and return to Los Alamos
2015_11-28 KMZ IGC     1645526
Bald Mountain Idaho east 146 miles 2015_07-04 KMZ IGC JPG   1645461

Mitch's Paraglide.net Comments Index

Description Year_Mo-Dy
Active Air Turbulence 2017_10




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