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Tess Nicole Truax Flight Log Index (TNT)

Description 20yr_mo-day
Tess and Jacqui Smith at Wilcox 2014_06-13
Skyport to Parma 2014_04-04
Wilcox Tandem 2014+03-23
Bates 20 Minute Quickie 2014_02-01
Bates on Fathers Day 2013_06-16
450 over beach at Bates 2013_06-05
Sleader at Bates 2013_05-24
Tess's first flight from Bates 2013_05-08
Tess's first Mountain Flight from the Skyport 2013_04-20
Elings with Sam, Tyler, Lucy, Tess, & Max 2010_04-25
Elings Tandem with Tom and Lucy 2010_04-18
1st PG flight / Wilcox Trio with Sam 2005_07-30


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