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Tim Barker aka tomobarker
Flight Log Index

Some flights copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum

Description year_mo-day
Skyport to Brush Land at VOR to Parma 2015_01-03
Nuthouse to Elings 2015_01-01
Skyport to Power Line Ridge and Back 2014_11-25
EJ's to Westbowl / East Wind Saturday 2014_11-08
Skyport to Alternotor to Power Lines to Padaro Beach    2014_10-25
Skyport / Community Above the Clouds 2014_09-28
EJ's to Ojai 2014_03-08
EJ's to Nordhoff High School 2014_01-02
Inverted Solstice 2013_12-21
Friday After School 2013_12-20
Skyport to the Alternator to Carpinteria 2013_04-20
EJ Bowl to Lizards Mouth and back to Parma 2013_01-13
Skyport to VOR to Parma 2012_11-12
Skyport to VOR to Montecito to Parma 2012_11-11
EJ's to Ballard 2010_04-02