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Pine August 13 & 14

Summer flowers.

Ron Farro inflates his Mustang.

Ron Farro off North Side of Pine, highschool bound.

Dean Charging!

Dean "Hedgetrimmer" Stratton

Now what? One long glide where Dean found religion.

Tom Pulls UP the UP

Tom Pipken off North Side of Pine

It is not easy to inflate a glider on the north side launch in the rotor!

Brendan off North Side of Pine, highschool bound.

OJ off North Side of Pine, everybody's doing it! Highschool bound.

Pine Mountain South Side. Behind Pine is Mt. Piņos.

Highway 33.

Kim Floyd landing.

Hansford setting up for landing.

Fish stories. Back in civilization at Bodees.

Dinner at a fish joint in Ojai.

InIncoming weather.

Up behind the south side launch, interesting clouds.

Faint halo around sun.

Tom Pipken sends it.

Pull my finger.

Mr. Snappy

Hang it out there.