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Index of Temporary Files for Download
Files will remain for at least a couple of months, but due to their size, this site is being use for delivery and not intended to be long term storage.
Updated 5/2012

DNG files are converted from various Camera RAW formats.  The main advantage of DNG and RAW files is that have much more luminance information than a JPG file so they are more flexible for adjusting exposure and color.  The also contain the original as shot data.  Edits are non-destructive.  You don't change the original data during editing, you only change the meta data for things like exposure compensation and color ect.   Some significant disadvantages are the large file size and you need image development software to view and edit the image.  I've included both the DNG files and JPG format with minimum compression.  Note that JPG files will progressively degrade with successive compression that occurs during a file save operation from within a photo editor.